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Putting Computer on Ice:A CFD Integrated Approach to the In-Flight Icing Problem
Wagdi Habashi
To optimally design and protect aerodynamic systems prone to icing requires advanced simulation techniques that can accurately predict ice impingement and accretion on the entire aircraft under all atmospheric conditions. We have undertaken the development of a three-dimensional Full Navier Stokes-based icing code, FENSAP-ICE (Finite Element Navier-Stokes Analysis Package for ICE), with applications ranging from wings, to complete aircraft. The presentation will highlight the progress in the development of the FENSAP-ICE system through new partial differential equations-based formulations and its wide application in industry.
Date: 2002-02-22 à 05:30
Endroit: Directeur du CFD Lab de l'Université McGill salle 2765 du pavillon Pouliot