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Domain Decomposition methods: tools for software refactoring
Amick St-Cyr
Research Associate, CFD Lab - Mc Gill University
We present a generic tool to get already existing sequential software for solving PDEs to work on shared and distributed memory supercomputers. The software uses a physical partitioning of the initial computational domain. Issues on the approach used for Implicit and explicit schemes are presented. Implicit schemes can take advantage of a a class of preconditionners based on subdomains solves: Schwarz methods and Schur complement methods. Some issues are raised on the computational efficiency of those methods and we talk about more involved preconditioning techniques based on the knowledge of the underlying PDE(s) solved. Finally, real examples are given for 2 codes that currently use the tool: a full blown FEM code for solving the turbulent compressible Navier-Stokes equations and a linear acoustic solver for 3D problems based on spectral FEM.
Date: 2002-10-04 à 06:30
Endroit: Salle 2744, pavillon Adrien-Pouliot Séminaire