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Optimized Schwarz Methods in the numerical solution of PDEs
Luca Gerardo-Giorda
Basque Center for Applied Mathematics (BCAM)

Schwarz algorithms experienced a second youth over the last decades, when distributed computers became more and more powerful and available. Fundamental convergence results for the classical Schwarz methods were derived for many partial differential equations, for which overlap is essential for convergence. More recently, Optimized Schwarz methods have been developed: based on more effective transmission conditions than the classical Dirichlet conditions at the interfaces between subdomains, such algorithms can be used both with and without overlap. 

We present a global introduction to Optimized Schwarz Methods and provide some examples in problems of practical interest arising in biomedical and multiphysics applications to show the  versatility of the procedure.

Date: 2014-02-13 à 09:30
Endroit: VCH-3840