Systèmes dynamiques
KAM estimates for quasi-periodic solutions of a conformally symplectic system
Calleja, Renato (1), Alessandra Celletti (2) and Rafael de la Llave (1)
(1) Georgia Institute of Technology, (2) University of Rome- Tor Vergata

Conformally symplectic systems send a symplectic form into a multiple of itself. They appear in mecanical systems with friction proportional to the velocity and as Euler-Lagrange equations of the time discounted actions common in economics. The  conformally symplectic structure provides identities that we use to prove "a-posteriori" theorems that show that if we have an approximate solution which satisfies some non-degeneracy conditions, we can obtain a true solution close to the approximate one.  The identities  used to prove the theorem, also lead to very efficient algorithms and computer assisted proofs.

Jeudi, 20 juin, 10h00
Salle Des Plaines A