1er Symposium canadien en analyse numérique et calcul scientifique
Total-Variation-Diminishing Singly-Diagonally-Implicit Runge-Kutta Methods for the Integration of Nonlinear Diffusive Systems: Atmospheric Boundary Layer Application
Mohammadian, Abdolmajid
Department of Civil Engineering, University of Ottawa

The nonlinearity and stiffness incorporated in the turbulent mixing of atmospheric boundary layer models is dealt with in this study using optimal total-variation-diminishing (TVD) singly-diagonally-implicit Runge-Kutta (SDIRK) methods which have been proved to be effective for the mentioned equations in the literature. Various aspects of these schemes, including stability properties, linear stability analysis, and numerical experiments, are studied with regard to their application on the time integration of well-known nonlinear damping and diffusive systems in atmospheric boundary layer models. At the end, two schemes, which are modified versions of the optimal TVD SDIRK schemes, are proposed to improve their performance and features. They exhibit significant improvements with respect to the schemes studied.

Mardi, 18 juin, 11h00
Salle Des Plaines C