Systèmes dynamiques
Bird-transported dispersal of Ixodes scapularis ticks in Canada: a patch model with delay
Wu, Xiaotian
University of Western Ontario

Ixodes scapularis is a tick vector of several zoonosis (such as Lyme disease) in northeastern North America. Many field studies have been shown that both climate change and migratory birds have crucial effects on range expansion of I. scapularis in Canada. In this study, we use mathematical model to examine the effects of migration timing, migration speed, bird abundance, tick load and landscape barriers to migration on the ability of birds to connect the source region and destination region of the tick population. Firstly, we propose a within- patch model to describe the local dynamics of I. scapularis population, and we establish the threshold condition for the tick population to survive. Then we move on to consider a patch model with delay to study the process of long distance dispersal of the tick vector of Lyme disease carried by bird migration. This is a jointly ongoing work with P. Leighton, J. Wu and X. Zou.

Jeudi, 20 juin, 10h30
Salle Des Plaines A