Minisymposium: Endocrinologie mathématique en santé et médecine
Signal processing in vasopressin neurons: Non-linear spiking and secretion dynamics in a heterogeneous population
MacGregor, Duncan and Gareth Leng
Centre for Integrative Physiology, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK

The magnocellular vasopressin neurons of the hypothalamus form part of the homeostatic systems that maintain osmotic pressure. Experiments show a robust linear relationship between osmotic pressure and vasopressin hormone secretion despite the very non-linear properties of spike generation and stimulus-secretion coupling in the neurons. Using simulated synaptic inputs to encode osmotic pressure, we have coupled an integrate and fire based spiking model to a model of the secretion mechanism in order to investigate how the properties of the spiking and secretion mechanisms combine to shape the secretion response, and how this combines with the neurons acting as a heterogeneous population.


Mardi, 18 juin, 17h30
Salle Du Jardin