Mécanique et mathématiques numériques en sciences géologiques
Direct numerical simulation (VLS DNS) of the Osborne Reynolds’ smooth pipe flow
Wu, Xiaohua
Royal Military College of Canada

we will present our most recent results, obtained using very-large-scale, data-intensive, direct numerical simulation (VLS DNS), on the Osborne Reynolds’ smooth pipe flow. For the smooth pipe flow, we consider the cases of Reynolds number at 6000 and at 8000, based on bulk velocity and pipe diameter. The pipe inlet condition is fully-developed laminar profile superimposed with finite-level but weak perturbations. The flow downstream of the inlet gradually transitions to turbulent, finally arriving at a state of fully-developed turbulent pipe flow. This is the first time in fluid mechanics research history that the Osborne Reynolds’ pipe flow has been accurately simulated from laminar through transition all the way to fully-developed turbulent state in a spatial DNS.

Lundi, 17 juin, 10h30
Salle Du Jardin