Mathématiques en biologie et médecine
Optimal monodomain approximations of the bidomain model used in cardiac electrophysiology
Bourgault, Yves (1), Yves Coudière (2), Charles Pierre (3) and Myriam Rioux (2,4)
(1) University of Ottawa, (2) INRIA, Bordeaux, (3) Université de Pau, (4) Université Laval

As we will illustrate, during forward propagation the bidomain and monodomain models predict strikingly similar depolarization/repolarization isochrons and electrocardiograms. We provide some mathematical foundations as to why the two models give similar results, by estimating the distance between the mono- and bidomain conductance operators. Our formalism provides new ways of approximating the bidomain operator using a properly set monodomain model. We then compare the two models through simple test cases.

Lundi, 17 juin, 15h30
Salle Du Manège