Mathématiques industrielles
Modelling Mass Transfer in a Rotating Disk Reaction Vessel
Bohun, Sean C.
University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Presented is research focussing on the process of mass transfer in a rotating disk apparatus, formulated as a Stefan problem driven by the dynamics of the chemical reactions in the bulk solution. Calcite (calcium carbonate) is chosen as the material undergoing dissolution because of the central role it plays in geological and man-made structures. The wide range in the rates of the various reactions allows for a natural decoupling of the problem into a simplified set of weakly coupled convective-reaction-diffusion equations for the slowly evolving species, connected with a set of algebraic relations for the species that react rapidly. Further simplification is possible by identifying the dominant reaction as determined by the acidity. Numerical solutions of the model are compared to the results of an asymptotic analysis and predicted dissolution rates are contrasted with experimentally obtained results.

Jeudi, 20 juin, 10h00
Salle George V