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Conférences plénières
Thiriet, Marc: Acupuncture Simulation
Conférences publiques
De Koninck, Jean-Marie: The Secret Life of Mathematics
Mathématiques industrielles
Cloutier, Alain (1), André Fortin (2), Jean Deteix (2), Zanin Kavazovic (1), Costel Barbuta (3) and Pierre Blanchet (3): Applications of the finite element method to wood and wood-based products
Fortin, Michel, Patrick Lacasse and Jean Deteix: A preconditioned GCR solver for an active set strategy in frictional contact
Jaberi-Douraki, Majid and Anmar Khadra: Predictive Models of Type 1 Diabetes Progression
Legrain, Antoine, Nadia Lahrichi and Louis-Martin Rousseau: Online Optimization of Radiotherapy Patient Booking
Morales, Manuel (1), Hirbod Assa (2), Mélina Mailhot (2) and Hassan Omidi (1): Axiomatic Data-based Risk Measures for Univariate and Bi-variate Sequences
Savard, Gilles (1), Morad Hosseinalifam (1) and Patrice Marcotte (2): Network Capacity Control under a Non-Parametric Choice Model of Demand
Soumis, François and collaborators: Personnel and Vehicle Scheduling
Mathématiques en biologie et médecine
Bourgault, Yves (1), Yves Coudière (2), Charles Pierre (3) and Myriam Rioux (2,4): Optimal monodomain approximations of the bidomain model used in cardiac electrophysiology
Bungay, Sharene, Kazi Haq and Bruno Stuyvers: Modelling Calcium Dynamics in Cardiac Purkinje cells
Dubeau, François (1), J.-P. Dussault (1), É. Joannopoulos (1) et C. Pomar (2): Nouvelles approches de modélisation et d’optimisation de diète animale
Systèmes dynamiques
Calleja, Renato (1), Alessandra Celletti (2) and Rafael de la Llave (1): KAM estimates for quasi-periodic solutions of a conformally symplectic system
Guichard, Frédéric, Emily Wall and Tony Humphries: Dispersal time and the synchronization of ecological communities
Mécanique et mathématiques numériques en sciences géologiques
Aechtner, Matthias (1), Thomas Dubos (2) and Nicholas Kevlahan (1): A Conservative Adaptive Wavelet Dynamical Core for Climate and Weather Models
Lamoureux, Michael P., Gary F. Margrave and Vladimir Zubov: Multi-scale full waveform inversion for seismic imaging
Liao, Wenyuan (1) and Danping Cao (2): A hybrid computational method for crosswell seismic inversion
van Veen, Lennaert (1) and Genta Kawahara (2): Transient turbulence and homoclinic tangles in channel flow
1er Symposium canadien en analyse numérique et calcul scientifique
Bowman, John C. (1) and Malcolm Roberts (2): Implicit Dealiasing of Convolutions over Distributed Memory
Campbell, Lucy and Victor Nijimbere: Numerical simulations of ionospheric gravity waves
Colin, Fabrice (1), Richard Egli (2), and Abdellatif Serghini Mounim (1): A Stabilized Meshfree, Kernel-Based Method for Convection-Diffusion Problems
Green, Kevin R. and Lennaert van Veen: Computing periodic solutions in a neural mean-field model
Miron, Philippe (1), André Garon (1), Jérôme Vétel (1) and Michel Delfour (2): Computation of the Finite-time Lyapunov exponent
Moyles, Iain, Michael Ward and Brian R. Wetton: Geometric Interface Problems in Reaction Diffusion Systems
Pugh, M.C. (1) and S.W. Morris (2): Special Solutions in Smectic Electroconvection
Roustaei, Ali and Ian A. Frigaard: Fouling of viscoplastic fluids in uneven channels
Stenger, Frank and Fernando Guevara Vasquez: A New Family of Matrices for Computation
Trummer, Manfred and Sarah E. Reimer: A Paradox of Numerical Stability and Ill-Conditioning
Walsh, Emily (1), Chris Budd (2) and Bob Russell (1): Parabolic Monge-Ampere and Mesh Alignment
Minisymposium: Jeunes chercheurs en mathématiques financières
MacKay, Anne, Carole Bernard and Mary Hardy: State-Dependent Fees and the Surrender Option in Variable Annuities
Minisymposium: Endocrinologie mathématique en santé et médecine
Minisymposium: Calculs rigoureux en systèmes dynamiques
Minisymposium: Modèle de régulation cellulaire
Minisymposium: Contrôle et optimisation des équations aux dérivées partielles
Minisymposium: Topologie appliquée et numérique
Bobrowski, Omer: The Topology of Noise
Mileyko, Yuriy: Letting Loops Loose
Minisymposium: Interactions Fluides-Structures et problèmes d'interfaces
Béguin, Cédric, Étienne Pelletier and Stéphane Étienne: Added Mass in a Bubbly Flow: Void fraction and Wall Influence
Tixier, Eliott, Cédric Béguin, Stéphane Étienne, Dominique Pelletier and Alexander Hay: Fluidelastic instability of tube array in two-phase cross-flow : a porous media approach
Contributions individuelles
Cortés Poza, Yuririaa and Pablo Padilla Longoria: Spatial dynamics of flower organ formation ANNULÉE
Dixit, Harish N. and G. M. Homsy: The Elastic Landau-Levich Coating Flow Problem
Dompierre, Julien (1) and Éric Daoust (2): General Framework for Intelligent Unstructured Mesh Generation
Hormozi, S. (1), Ian A. Frigaard (1) and D. Eskin (2): Transport and dispersion of solid particles along a fracture
Izadi, Mojtaba, Youssef Belhamadia and Stevan Dubljevic: Lagrangian Coherent Structures for fluid flow in Bridgman process during crystal growth
Jendoubi, Aymen, Driss Yakoubi, André Fortin and Cristian Tibirna: An immersed boundary method for fluid flows around rigid objects
Pourziaei, Bobby (1), Greg Lewis (2) and Huaxiong Huang (1): Mathematical Models of Depth Perception in Weakly Electric Fish