Felix Kwok
Département de mathématiques et de statistique
Université Laval

Current courses

MAT 2420 Modélisation mathématique, Winter 2023

Course Description: Introductory course in mathematical modelling. Topics include: dimensional analysis, modelling of chemical reactions using the law of mass action, Michealis-Menten kinetics; compartmental models and epidemiological modelling; diffusion, random walks, heat equation and its solution by Fourier transform; traffic flow, nonlinear conservation laws, method of characteristics and the propagation of discontinuities; continuum mechanics, spatial and material coordinates, conservation of mass and linear momentum. Reynolds transport theorem, stress-strain relations, Cauchy's stress theorem.

MAT 4400/7215 Analyse numérique matricielle, Winter 2023

Course Description: Elements of matrix analysis: vector and matrix norms, eigenvalue and singular value decompositions, conditioning of matrices and sensitivity to perturbations. Direct methods for solving linear systems: Gaussian elimination, stability analysis, banded systems. Least squares problems and its conditioning, solution by QR decomposition. Iterative methods: Jacobi, Gauss-Seidel and SOR iterations, convergence analysis by spectral radius. Nonstationary methods: Richardson, conjugate gradients, GMRES and their preconditioned versions.

MAT 4410/7235 Résolution numérique des EDO et des EDP, Autumn 2022

Course Description: Approximation of functions. Numerical integration. Numerical methods for systems of ordinary differential equations. Finite difference methods for partial differential equations.

MAT 1900 Mathématiques de l'ingénieur 1, Autumn 2022

Course Description: Complex numbers: definition and properties, rectangular and polar representations, locus of solutions to complex equations. Solution of ordinary differential equations: first order equations, linear second order equations, order reduction. Differential calculus of several variables, maxima and minima, constrained extrema.

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